About the project

The conversation went something like this:

Producer : ”Hey Jon, we have an action film to make. Car chases, gunfire, motor bike stunts, fist fights, RPG’s and explosions”

Jon : “Sounds like my kind of thing mate, who is the star?”

…Short Pause…

Producer : “Well she is a very famous Egyptian actress. Ragaa El Geddawy. Everyone loves her, but she’s never done action before.

Jon : “That’s cool mate, we can teach her the moves”

Producer : “Great lets do this. Oh and one other thing, Ragaa is 77 years old”

…Short Pause… Jon running through everything that could go wrong

Jon : “I’m in!”

About a week later I touched down in the beautiful Cairo and we all got to work, planning this massive adventure. I have to say that the Production Company, ‘Lighthouse Films’ did an amazing job and working with Ragaa was a pleasure I will never forget.



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